1. History and Mission

The mission of the Energy Chemical Engineering Program at School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is to educate chemical engineers to meet the technological challenges of the future in the areas of reusable energy, clean energy and new energy materials. 

In 2011, the program of Energy Chemical Engineering and the Department of Energy Chemical Engineering were established to meet the domestic and global challenges of in the emerging key areas of reusable and clean energy, as well as to foster interdisciplinary researches and expand traditional programs. This program at HIT is one of only ten similar programs approved by the Minister of Education (MoE). In 2016, the original Catalysis Department joined this department, further strengthening the faculty.


2. Faculty and Research Focus

We have 14 faculty members and 2 staff members as May 2016. Among 5 full professors, 4 associate professors and 5 lectures, one was awarded distinguished Chang Jiang Scholar Chair professorship, one awarded NSF Outstanding Young Researcher award, one awarded New Century Talent award, one awarded Minister of Central Organization’s Young Talent award, one awarded HIT Young Talent professorship, and one elected the Fellow of Royal Chemistry Society.   

We have been focused on the following research topics: synthesis and recycling of polycrystalline Si materials via green routes, crystals/and devices for infra-red and LED applications, organic silicones and the related products, photocatalytic hydrogen production, clean fuels, and biomass conversion. Our research performance can be evidenced by the following distinguished national and international awards: one National Technology Innovation Award, one National Defense Technology Innovation Award, Three Heilongjiang Province Innovation Awards, one Frans Habraken Best Paper Award. We have >20 licensed patents, published >300 research papers and 5 monographs. As May 2016, more than 30 government or private funded projects are going on with our faculty members as principal investigators.


3. Research group leaders

Prof. Chunhui Yang, associate dean of research of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, MoE Chang Jiang Scholar Chair professor, NSF Outstanding Young Researcher awardee. Research interests: 1) Novel chlorine-free route for high purity silane and polycrystalline Si production for solar cell applications; 2) Artificial growth of large sized chalcopyrite single crystals for advanced optical applications. Prof. Yang published >100 research papers, 2 monographs, has 14 licensed patents. She won National Technology Innovation Award, National Defense Technology Innovation Award, Heilongjiang Province Innovation Award.

Prof. Yang Gan, FRSC, head of the Department. Research interests: Surface chemistry/physics and catalysis, low dimensional materials and devices, LED materials and devices. Prof. Gan published >50 papers, has 1 licensed patent. He won Heilongjiang Province Innovation Award, Elsevier’s first Frans Habraken Best Paper Award, HIT Teaching Excellence Award.

Prof. Yongsheng Yu, associate head of graduate student affairs of the Department, HIT Young Talent professorship awardee. Research interests: Multifunctional magnetic nanomaterials. Prof. Yu published >30 papers, delivered several invited lectures and chaired sessions at international and domestic conferences. He is the committee member of Solid Science and New Materials Committee of the National Rear Earth Society.

Prof. Guanying Chen, Minister of Central Organization’s Young Talent awardee, Finalist Award for MoE’s 100 Best PhD thesis. Research interests: Novel energy conversion materials. Prof. Chen published >70 papers with 9 papers indexed as ESI highly cited/hot papers, have 7 filed/licensed patents, delivered multiple several invited lectures at international and domestic conferences.

Prof. Lili Zhao, HIT Young Talent professorship awardee. Research interests: 1) Materials and processes for solar cell and LED applications. Prof. Zhao published >10 research papers, 2 monographs, 6 patents. She won Heilongjiang Province Innovation Award.


4. Education and Career Path of Students

Mission: Educate chemical engineers to meet the technological challenges of the future in the areas of reusable energy, clean energy and new energy materials.

Core courses: Fundamentals of Energy Chemical Engineering, Solar Energy, Biomass Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Light-emission Diodes (LED), Functional Crystals, Energy Catalysis, etc.

Career prospects: The strong global and domestic needs in reusable energy and clean energy provide excellent career opportunities for energy chemical engineers. We have strong collaborations with well-established public/private companies and research/educational sectors specializing in solar cells, LED, organic silicones, biomasses, thus providing streamlined supports for students’ internship, job hunting and study for advanced degrees.


5. Contact person: Prof. Yang Gan, ygan@hit.edu.cn.