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Two international students from our department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering have been awarded the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship in the year of 2017
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      Recently, winners of the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship were announced by China Scholarship Council. Two international students of our department, Kim Min Joo from Korea and Mumtaz Ali Hasan from Pakistan, were among the total 6 winners from HIT. Both of them studied hard during their stay and achieved good grades. They took the initiative to participate in events arranged by our department as well as the university. Their overall accomplishments made them stand out from the rest international student in the selection. Apart from that, Kim Min Joo held the position as the class monitor and took part in cultural communications and practical social activities in and out of campus. In addition, she attended Model United Nations of HIT for several times. Due to her excellent performance, Kim Min Joo was awarded the prize of Outstanding International Student of HIT in the year of 2017.


      In recent years, our school is devoted to the development of international students’ abilities in many ways. We would first like to develop them into elites both industrial and professional. Then their understanding of the HIT spirit and their mastery of Chinese and Chinese culture should be improved.Moreover, we hope that their learning experience with us would broaden their horizons and enhance their cross-cultural communication. Our university has seen constant achievements in expanding the scale of educational international students and the number of countries. We have also progressed in optimising the ratio of postgraduate students as well as the recruitment structure of students.